The blade-shaped intake draws in 1.5 times more air than the previous multi-small-hole design, and its 360o air absorption is not limited by where the console is placed, enabling thorough, efficient and faster purification of a larger volume of air.
The blades, looking the same from all directions, consist of a revolutionary design and a feature that provides a new, interesting user experience and reliable performance at the same time.
While no one is free from the harmful effects of air pollution these days, the air purifier has become a necessity in our daily lives, a home appliance that should remain on year-round. The design focus is to ensure simple and user-friendly control to offer the most essential functions only. The device constantly monitors the level of indoor pollution and automatically adjusts its operation accordingly, keeping your home free of both pollutants and odors.
It captures 99.9% of 0.3 micron, ultra-fine dust along with every single particle of diverse smog, volatile pollutants, and odors with its multi-directional, all-in-one filtering system, the first-Korean made filter whose quality has been acknowledged by Filtech Laboratories in Switzerland.

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