Recently, air pollution is increasingly increased in China. We called it smog and haze, it affects everyone’s life. There are some disadvantages with the traditional air purification type:
1. Air purifier: Higher carbon dioxide density; Filter net type is easy to saturation.
2. Fresh Air Ventilation System: Low purification efficiency; Easy saturation.
3. Combination: Two units consume more power and need to operate frequently; Loss transmission is not health.
Thenow Super Air System’s appearance comes from leaves. Gratings on the two sides are air inlet and outlet which look like the leaf vein. The whole design fits the machine features perfectly. It provides fresh air continuously is just like leaves photosynthesis take away carbon dioxide and bring us oxygen. It has 5D optimization index:
1. Suspended substance purifier:Purification efficiency 99.96%, purify the granule up to PM0.001.
2. Cycling comfortable Oxygen:To increase the oxygen content and comfortable feeling; To reduce the carbon dioxide content; Ozone free during operation.
3. Electrostatic sterilization:Staphylococcus Albus, Escherichia coli, etc.
4. Intelligent interaction.
5. Comfortable somatosensory.

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