The Netatmo Thermostat for smartphones, designed by Starck, helps save energy, schedule heat usage, monitor home temperature and remotely access to the heating system from its companion app, with unique simplicity.

The touch screen on the App is intuitive, with minimum input required, but maximum effect. Scheduling the heating has been made easy again and now addresses actual needs through daily degree saving features.

The Thermostat’s buttons are concealed into the casing. A simple touch on the top of the object (+) increases the temperature, while a touch on its bottom (-) decreases the temperature. Intuitive and elegant. There are no unnecessary buttons on the Thermostat: physical interactions are kept to the bare minimum.

Its translucent Plexiglass cubic outline enhances the inside organic shape, and the matte and energy saving e-ink screen improves readability while making the thermostat as discrete as possible. If the Thermostat is not installed on the wall, it can be left on a table thanks to its mobile support. Embedded with an accelerometer, the Thermostat reorients its screen vertically or horizontally, depending on its placement.

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