For the Tecto Refrigo CM product family, Phoenix Design has developed ceiling units that are both tailored to meet the respective needs and efficient. These units are to be employed on top of Viessmann refrigeration and deep-freeze cells. Tecto Refrigo CM is characterised by its robustness, above-average hygienic properties and a high level of comfort of use. Thanks to the sophisticated construction of cooling cycle and housing, all relevant components can be reached fast and without complications whenever the need arises. A black high-tech air filter mounted in front of the vent openings also works as a visual screen, lending a calmness of design to the overall surfaces. In order to make the units appear compact, the back element is tapered so as to be invisible from the front. The design was developed in a closely cooperative design process between design studio and industry partner. Overall, the product has an aura of quality, reliability and longevity. The clear lines as well as the high-quality surfaces sporting the unobtrusive corporate logotype make it an unmistakable member of the Viessmann family.

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