< Central suction structure from nature >
The major characteristics of SUPER H air cleaner is that it suctions and cleans polluted air through the hole at the center.
The idea came from Venturi effect where the speed of fluid becomes faster when it passes through a broad space and faces a narrow space. Suction power is stronger with this design.
In addition, 2 motors and filters, whose number is higher by 2 times than existing one, are installed to clean the air for broad area of 105. 8 square meter.

< Ai & IoT >
It is a smart air purifier that has an “Auto Mode” which analyzes the current indoor air quality and purifies the air by itself and “Ai Mode” which analyzes and saves the indoor air quality data on a weekly basis and starts purification in advance during the time when pollution occurred repeatedly.
Upon using more than two units of air purifiers, pollution level information is shared and linked among the them to maximize the efficiency.

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