With temperature, brightness, precipitation, air pressure and wind, the KNX weather station records all weather data relevant to building control. The integrated GPS receiver provides the time and allows the calculation of the position of the sun at the location. The shape of the Suntracer KNX pro is strongly determined by the wind measurement method used. Both wind speed and direction are recorded by ultrasound, even in turbulence or gusts.
Suntracer KNX pro offers limit values for the individual measured values as well as modules for linking and converting data in the KNX software. At the heart, however, is the integrated shading control. Per façade, it is possible to precisely set how blinds, shutters or awnings react to the current weather. The sun protection with slat and shadow edge tracking according to the position of the sun is just as adjustable as the behavior at night as a visual screen. Timed control and protection against frost, wind and precipitation are features as well as the exact setting of driving positions and priorities of the protective, automatic and manual commands.

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