The AP-1516A is an air purifier with a circulator function that purifies spaces more quickly and has reinforced discharge features compared to existing products.
Existing products only expel air upward, but the AP-1516A can blow breezes up to 10 m through a front circular hole, and breeze from the front and top can be set separately or together to improve air circulation as necessary.
Many air purifiers have been released and are becoming more subdivided and specific depending on consumers’ needs.
Air needs to be quickly purified in areas where families or guests spend a lot of time, areas with a lot of external air entry, and living rooms or connected kitchens to better deodorize, and this product was planned to suit those needs.
However, since it might not suit interiors or might not fit with Coway’s design plans with its enhanced features, we carefully considered harmony with interiors and formulated a trustworthy design with features that had to be enhanced.

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