Somfy Thermostat expresses two principles. A smooth integration in every interior, intuitive and enjoyable experience
It aims at improving comfort while keeping control on energy consumption, tackling essential needs at home. It allows the user to control its heating from anywhere in the most intuitive and simplest way.
Its design is essential and unobtrusive. With pure and transparent surface it harmoniously fit every interiors to go almost unnoticeable.
The natural shape made of continuous lines and uninterrupted form enhances the proximity and simplicity of the object.
Somfy Connected Thermostat carry only the essential functions, all advanced being deported in the apps.
A simple touch on the front surface awakes the product. Then a soft light irradiates out of the device to reveal the temperature.
The sensitive surface highlighted by a smooth curvature provides a tactile feedback. Therefore, the interaction becomes more intuitive and sensual.
Somfy Connected Thermostat is a stand-alone accessible device that is set-up in few minutes with no help of a professional.
It represents the future of smart home in which complex and boring tasks becomes natural and seamless.

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