With Solair we have re-defined the shape of an air purifier. Inspired by the logic and beauty of nature, the design is characterized by natural flowing lines and fluent perforation. The shape resembles a sunflower with clean air coming out of its leaves and light from its core, providing two vital elements in life.

This multi- purpose air purifier not only provides clean and purified air, but also doubles as a multi-color ambient light. Choose from a variaty of colors to stimulate energy, happiness, productivity or imagination. The light intensity switch can be used to adjust for comfortable reading or bright daylight.

Solair’s triple stage filtration removes over 99,97% of all harmful particles and pollutants in the air such as ultrafine particle matter (PM 2.5, PM 0.3, PM0.1), dust, smoke, pollen, VOCs, odors and gases.

Equipped with all the modern day features, this air purifier is a piece of art in your living room that needs no hiding. The LED bar on the bottom provides instant air quality indication through color and automatically adjusts the fan speed. Solair can be controlled in style with intuitive touch keys and a sleek, ergonomic remote control.

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