Smart-Mi Degerming Humidifier is designed for upper-water-injection ultrasonic humidifier. The way of upper-water-injection system is very convenient for the water tank is detected short of water by the electromagnetic valve and water level sensor, user can easily open top cover to refill with water at any time. It performs well for sterilization and bacteriostatic function. The sterilizing rate is up to 98.8%. The built-in temperature and humidity sensor can automatically sense the environment humidification condition, and automatically adjust the efficiency of nebulization and the fan speed to perform intelligent humidification process. It can control the humidifier either at home or remotely through APP on the smartphone, and this APP can interconnection with other Mi products. It can secure the water-shortage protection through monitoring the water route and water level and capacitane induction type water shortage protection device. The humidifier enters into standby mode when it detects the water-shortage to avoid dry-burning and extend the service life of atomizing film.

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