We devised our SmartFan to be comfortable and convenient while effortlessly saving energy. SmartFan uses a DC inverter motor and its low consumption of power helps save energy effectively. Multi-control features and a non-resistant dial allow you to easily adjust to 24 wind settings; plus, you can choose from three special modes. In smart mode, it can determine the environment’s temperature and adjust accordingly. In forest mode, it simulates natural wind and ionizes the air, so you can enjoy breathing forest air. In sleep mode, the sound of the blades is as low as 20 decibels, offering a quiet sleeping environment. The seven blades make the wind gentler and more concentrated, so it can reach farther. With a timer preset function and rotation memory, SmartFan can take care of all your needs.

The overall design and tone are simple and subdued, enabling it to blend with its space. Its circular concave surface draws attention to the dial. The button’s size and shape enable you to use your feet to operate the fan without having to bend down. The curvature of the button makes usage even more comfortable. This design cleverly combines smart technology and comfort.

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