THE COLORFUL PERFORMANCE / When performance matches aesthetic

COMAP managed to turn a common product into a technical device with a decorative dimension able to provide the consumer both improved comfort and substantial energy savings.

Senso is a thermostatic head. Coupled with a valve, it controls the temperature of each room according to the use and level of comfort desired with a high precision. Whether for public buildings, private homes or hospitality buildings, for renovation or new construction, it instantly and significantly improves the energy performance of the building, with a quick return on investment.

COMAP’s philosophy is that technical products can also be aesthetic, without compromise. Therefore Senso has been designed with a great attention to the shape of its air intakes, characterized with an S curve. As we all like our decoration to look like us and no one else, the Senso thermostatic head can be customized to match almost all interiors with 12 different color sets built around 3 collections. Chocolate, Red Ming or Zebra, which Senso is made for you?

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