SEAPEC Smart Heater is a new kind of heater instead of small gas boiler heating system, with the same function.

More simple without professional installation work, no service every year,
More smart, with felexable temperature from 7-25 °C ,
more energy saving, with minimum cost 200 RMB yuan per month(24 hours working per day),
more safe, with low power and low surface temperature,
more evironmental protection, with using electric instead of gas.

SEAPEC smart heater can make the room (15 square metre) warm to 20 °C everywhere, with only 1500 watt power, much lower than other heaters in the market.

The product can be used all the winter because it runs with energy saving , only 12-15 degree electric everty 24 hours.

The maximum of the surface tempertature is around 40-65 degree, considering with the safety of children. Children will not be burned with this temperature. In addition, the lower surface temperature can make the room warm with a comfortable humidity.

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