Roger little from Stadler Form (air purifier)

Roger little from Stadler Form was developed with the aim of combining modern design with the highest quality and innovative technology. The Swiss designer Matti Walker has developed the air purifier Roger little in collaboration with Stadler Form. The air purifier sensitively ensures clean and healthy air. With its sensor, he continuously measures the quality of room air and detects air pollution. The air quality indicator informs you about the current air quality in the room through changing colors. The neat little guy also impresses with his inner values. The Dual Filter™, specially-developed in Germany, combines a HEPA and activated carbon filter. While the HEPA filter cleans the air of pollutants in a highly efficient manner, the activated carbon filter removes unpleasant odors. With the Auto mode, Roger little takes care completely independently, and adjusts his performance to current requirements. Roger little sensitively ensures clean and healthy air at home or in the office.The smart air purifier is also suitable for allergy sufferers and allows them to breathe freely.

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