Robert by Stadler Form originated from the idea to create a powerful and user-friendly air washer with low power consumption in an appealing design. Swiss designer Matti Walker has created a timeless, elegant design with harmonious lines. The specially developed efficient construction enables high performance with low energy consumption. As an air washer, Robert humidifies and purifies the air and ensures a clean and pleasant room climate all year round. The powerful air improver evaporates up to 13.2 liters of water per day and is suitable for large rooms up to 80m2. And uses from as little as 7 W in energy. With his discs that turn in the water, Robert efficiently filters particles from the air and is thus also the ideal roommate for those suffering from allergies. The well thought out functions are controlled via an intuitive touch display. Robert can be activated with an elegant movement of the hand. This motion sensor ensures that the keys are only illuminated during key operation and hence no unpleasant light is emitted. Robert’s elegant look is rounded off by coated surfaces and sophisticated aluminum.

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