In China, India and other serious industrial pollution countries,As a result of the construction dust, factory emissions, automobile exhaust, PM2.5 and other factors, constitute the air pollution source.Our fresh air machine is different from Germany’s fresh air machine.Our fresh air machine not only allows the air inside and outside the cycle, but also needs layer purification. Five layer tower purifying,breathing the German air at home.The outdoor air enters the room through the layers of filtration, and remove,catkins, releasing negative ion sterilization, remove PM10, PM2.5, PM0.1 etc.The use of this product, no need to open the window, through the micro positive pressure, the indoor air pollution (such as formaldehyde, benzene, second-hand smoke, CO2 etc.) through the gap of doors and windows, discharged to the extrusion outdoor. Let the indoor air fresh. Strong haze season does not open windows, indoor air is also kept fresh, not hypoxia. At the same time, forced the outside air dust, viruses, bacteria and other doors and windows can not be leaked from the invasion of the interior.Let the family live in a good environment full of oxygen.

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