Every detail of this new Hitachi RAK-PXB air conditioner is to allowing a timeless and aesthetic look in any interior with an increased energy-efficiency. Its entire white appearance is a combination of frosted sheer front panel, and gross framing with a matte dominant body to reflect lights sophisticatedly for a rich presentation from any angle. To optimize the pleasant look for a better blending with the installed setting further, the sides and bottom of the front panel is trimmed distinctively to moderate its physical volume of outer and enhances its compactness. The double flaps are designed to emphasize the trimmed outline and minimize the viewing of air outlet. In addition to the artistic features, its functional performance is advanced with a user-friendly remote controller that offers two modes of weekly timer ( e.g. Mode A for summer season and Mode B for winter season ) with a simplified appearance.
As for improving energy conservation, a human detection sensor is equipped to adjust the suitable temperature automatically. This product is rated A+++(*) under ErP regulation. (*)Cooling of RAK-25PXB and RAK-35PXB. RAK-50PXB is rated A++.

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