Unlike conventional air humidifiers Rain does not have a water tank. Instead of carrying a wet heavy tank across the room, you simply pour water directly into the product with for example, a kettle. The water pours into a water bowl placed inside the product, which can be easily removed and washed to keep the water sanitary.It also includes an Enzyme Filter to inactivate airborne microorganisms to prevent secondary contamination.
Rain can be operated by a single control ring, which is the rim around the open top of the product. Simply rotate, click and long press the ring to change modes and settings. The operating status appears clearly on the OEL display.
Rain is also compatible with Wi-Fi network, enabling the user to monitor and control the product from outside the house.
The form resembles traditional Japanese vases, a design that matches home interior much better than a simple square box as many conventional humidifiers are shaped.

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