Solar collectors of the go!nnovate generation
The go!nnovate Radius solar collector is a technical revolution in solar thermal energy and causing a stir: Its innovative core is the largest aluminium frame ever manufactured in the world using a pressure-casting process. Until now this had been regarded as technically impossible in the solar sector. go!nnovate defied this belief and developed a solar collector whose frame is pressure-cast.
Our technical breakthrough leads to substantial improvements in quality, improvements which set Radius appart from conventional solar collectors.
The single piece die-cast aluminium frame not only gives Radius aesthetic appeal, it also delivers clear benefits to operators and technicians installing the solar plant. Radius also sets new standards in other areas of solar thermal energy.
Durable / Ultra-slim / Ultra-light / Stable / Efficent / Flexible / Secure

Ultra Slim: Radius is ultra-flat and has considerable aesthetic appeal – it is thus also attractive for architects and builders, who are otherwise frequently critical of collectors.

Efficent: efficiency of 85,8%

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