1. PCI: Based on its theory, PCI allows deodorizing and purifying the air, suppressing the effects of allergens, breaking down and removing airborne molds, and suppressing the growing viruses.
2. Multiple filters: Increasing the purifying effectiveness with CADR 481 and preventing from second contaminants. From large particles to small ones, deeply purify every inch of the space.
3. A brand new 360 degree fast cycling system: Covering larger space with fast cycles. Time-saving with high performance.
4. APP remote control: Equipping with SHARP SMART HOME APP for better user experience.

Design concept:
Inspired by nature, Queen2 SE is designed to fascinate customer’s eyes. Its graceful curves and SHARP’s unique touch of red integrate with both existent and new high technology. Confronting on-going breakthrough and challenges while developing new materials, the masterpiece is equipped with both fashionable and functional beauty. The hidden air outlet that is led by the natural curves simulates the closure of flowers. The product not only puts the finishing touches to the sense of sight, but enriches the user’s experience with ‘tranquility, cleanness, and comfort’.

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