The creation of 2-6 watts brushless DC motor constructed small fan, with stainless steel grille is designed to secure a streamlined fan, exhaust the amount of strong, low power consumption, easy to use and easy to maintain. 8-inch small fan design, appearance such as jet engines, simple shapes. As mobile phones available USB DC power supply, easy to use, 2-watt power consumption can make a cool feeling. With stainless steel grille Agile manufacturing structure, increasing the clean air and the eradication of mosquitoes functions. 8 mesh stainless steel grille allows mosquitoes and then blown back by the fan intake flap to reach mosquito effect, improve the competitiveness of fan products. When the individual works may carry a small fan, indoor air purifier, with the effectiveness of deodorant, antiseptic and anti-mosquito. With soapy water attracts mosquitoes effect, it can also handle Xiaohei Wen and fleas and other annoying problems. In the mosquito-infested place hot zone, a night to eliminate all the mosquitoes flying, two weeks of continuous use, make mosquito larvae almost disappeared.

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