PellasX REVO Mini is a burner on biomass, thanks to which, in a simple way heat can be produced ecologically, using renewable fuels. Pellets, oat, stones and so-called agripellets, made of after-agricultural production, can be highly effective fuels. Burner can be installed in all kinds of boilers – oil, gas or liquid fuel type.
Current construction of rotating burner has been revolutionized with number of patented technologies, which solved commonly occurring problems. Simplicity of construction allows for quick access to all subassemblies and easy service diagnostics. Burner is small, compact and light – weighs 10 kg. Made of highest quality steel and equipped with the best quality parts. The covers of blower and burner are made of ABS V0 – incombustible plastic. New type Xplug provides more safety. The motor of turntable, silicon seals, hybrid and ceramic igniter are made according to PELLASX author’s design.
We offer innovative looks of the device, both because it is so clean in the boiler room and because it brings new quality of aesthetics, so far unavailable in this product category. This device delivers cutting edge technology tailored in high quality design.

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