Just another fan heater? No, because Paul was born after several years of research and development! Although heaters serve a good purpose – increasing the temperature in specific areas – they can be disturbing: Turning off when the temperature is reached and starting full blast once it has decreased (in some cases with a difference of up to 4°C). The aim of Stadler Form therefore was: Creating a fan heater that keeps the temperature as accurately as possible with an especially quiet operation! Thanks to the unique Adaptive Heat technology (int. patent application pending) Paul is the only heater which fulfills this requirement. Using Auto Mode to set the desired temperature on the elegant touch panel, Paul provides full power and then becomes more and more quiet the closer he reaches the desired temperature. He keeps the temperature quietly for as long as desired – eliminating the disturbing On-Off. In addition, materials and safety techniques have been selected to allow the use in humid rooms such as bathrooms. Thanks to the excellent airflow and his swing function Paul also is a welcome roommate in summer because can be used as a fan as well.

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