We conceived the design in a way to hide the function of the object and secondly to take distance from the current vent appearances. To meet modern architecture we have chosen to create the products in three different colors. Durability is ensured by making all components out of high quality stainless steel.
ALFA, BETA & DELTA are sharing the same installation base with interchangeable covers.
All models are equipped with ecological insulated butterfly dampers to avoid the inflow of cold air into the house. This will comply with future regulations in the field of energy savings.
ALFA, BETA & DELTA without butterfly damper can be used In combination with Heat Recovery Systems, indoor and outdoor use.

Dripping stripes on the building’s wall are avoided by an effective drip catcher below.
Finishing: brushed stainless steel, powder coated white or powder coated black grey.
The stainless steel can be recycled at the end of its life circle.

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