The P500 Air Purifier provides a simple and effective design for room air purification.

During the design process, special care went into ensuring simple and intuitive handling. The front panel conveniently flips open and comes off of the appliance. This lets you access — and insert or replace — the pre-filter and main filter from the front.

The air to be purified flows into the appliance at the open edge around the front panel. This opening is emphasized by the dark interior space which seamlessly transitions into the flush-mounted control and display interface offset from the center of the appliance. The control elements are located on the top of the interface for easy handling, while the display itself faces towards the front for easy readability even at a distance.

The purity in appliance design and the clear lines underscore the simplicity of the appliance and its handling. The interplay of white and black together with matte and gloss finishes gives the appliance a distinctive appearance. The powder-coated metal base also raises the appliance off the floor while lending it the perfect air.

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