OSIM uAlpine’s Multi-action Tru-air purification process, featuring Ion Cluster Technology, purifies your surroundings and provides clean, fresh air for easier breathing that enhances your family’s respiratory well-being.

It has smart air quality sensor which monitors the air quality in ‘Auto’ mode and provides a quick indication through the display of different colored lights. It adjusts the rate of purification accordingly with different fan speed selections.

The design team understands that air is drawn into the product from the back and released from the top after purification. The form is simple & uplifting, resembling the flow and release of clean purified air into the room. The front surface features a unique parametric patterned that will complement any stylish, contemporary spaces.

uAlpine has a 360° surround air flow design where clean air is released in all direction. Air outlets are located beneath the touch panel. It is simple and easy to operate with 6 buttons. The soft indigo glow emitting from uAlpine helps to calm your senses as an ambient or night light.
The highly effective uAlpine is the air purifier for every family’s well-being.

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