Origami is a high efficiency plug & play radiator made of 100% recyclable aluminium, that fits every room within the home. It is available in three versions, in all Tubes colours (more than 260 RAL colours), with a red or a blue cable and with additional accessories.

In the free-standing version, fold after fold, the movable modules allow space to be set out like an actual folding screen, ready to safeguard our privacy. The wall-mounted version was devised with a single or double element. In the double version Origami can be transformed, when needed, into an elegant retractable towel rail. The monumental totem version is a heating and self-standing decorative accessory.

The complex engineering behind Origami, developed by the company’s engineers, makes it possible to produce elements of varying height and, even in the extrusion phase, allows the incorporation of various functions: thanks to the heat generated by convection from the radiator’s hollow elements, an increase in thermal capacity and efficiency is ensured.

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