“Jungfrau”—— oil-filled electric heater
Oil-filled electric heater is always an essential product for heating by people in cold season, and its advantages are quiet and environment-friendly, without smell, but the safety of heating product is always a main concern worried by the people.“Jungfrau” oil-filled electric heater adopts the form of overall wrapping on the premise of guaranteeing the advantages of oil heater product, from the view of safety and usability to make the product work under safe status.
In the case of utilization, the cold air is heated through the bottom rapidly-crystallized heating unit and cooling fan to form rapidly-heated strong convection air channel by the means of specially-designed air outlet and internal heat storage tank, and then the hot air rises at higher speed to realize the heating acceleration.
General oil-filled electric heater is not provided with anti-scald cover; since the surface temperature of the heater body is higher upon startup, and if the children touch the heat sink, they will be scalded.It is situation which worries some users.

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