neeoQube is a high-efficiency storage unit for renewable energies.
With a solar energy storage system form AKASOL, you will always have solar energy available, even it the sun is not shining. The storage system will collect the solar energy form your PV system and provide you with energy. Thus, households can achieve up to 70% PV self-consumption; during summer months, you don´t even need any power form the grid at all.
AKASOL energy storages have a particularly puristic design. Our neeoQube is the only storage system with 5.5kWh storage capacity that can be mounted to the wall.
Our energy storage systems includes the enviorenmentally friendly Lithium-Ion battery technologie with a service life up to 20 years.
Further characteristics are:
– technology tested by automotive safety standards
– efficient and silent operation due to passive cooling
– integrated battery protection fuses
– integrated battery management
– fast charging: fully charged in 1 hour
– unrestricted partial cycling – no memory effect
– high cycle life at high currents
– ventilation, winter mode or service charging are not required
– developed according to german industry standards (DIN)

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