Compact portable gadget MyAir is designed to provide personal monitoring of air quality and ventilation work in any place. One can bring it to a gum, kindergarten, cinema, cafe, school or any other public place to evaluate the quality of the air and see if the owner of a place has provided a proper air ventilation for the health of his clients.
The design is inspired by CO2 molecule shape. To start air analysis one needs to spin the gadget so the air starts going through the openings in the case and reaches sensors – for carbon dioxide and temperature measurements. Changing colors indicate the air quality.
The case and components of the gadget are designed in a way so that the center of gravity is balanced to keep MyAir stable in a single reference point during rotation.
The gadget has a modern ergonomic design and intuitive mobile application that allows one not only to make measurements, but also to share the results on social networks and on the interactive map, contributing to the creation of the rating of sites by air quality.

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