“Mooodz Scenter” pioneers the home fragrance segment with the idea to integrate scents to mix and match moments and profiles in the smart home. Consisting of the diffuser, Mooodz app and scent cartridges.
It provides a new level of controlling scents and ambient sphere through a high end, in house designed and manufactures smart multi-scent diffuser (diffusing system). Mooodz Scenter is a multi-scent diffuser, which means it can hold up to 3 scent cartridges which can diffuse separately at command. The design of The design of Mooodz Scenter is inspired by details in “haute horlogerie” such as the chrome steel ring and a perfume bottle, the use of transparent materials reminds of the classic perfume filled glass bottles.
It’s mobile due to its dimensions, weight and integrated chargeable battery.

By using the Mooodz Scenter wall mount accessory, Mooodz Scenter can be hung on the wall. Further consisting of an app that enables the user to create his own sequence of scents which can be played as a playlist. It includes the possibility of linking scent with music to enhance immersive experience.

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