The Minimal Ventilation System uses a combination of coarse filtration and HEPA filtration to filter the air going into a room. Outside air is first introduced through the inlet into a coarse filter that removes PM10, dust and so on. Then the air goes into a composite heat exchanger for energy recovery. Finally, an HEPA filter removes the PM2.5 in the air to achieve fresh air in the room.

With a composite heat exchanger, which has large surface area and can recover more than 80% heat in the air, the product can reduce energy consumption of the air conditioning system. The door is controlled magnetically, which saves space of use and maintenance, so the product can be easily maintained. Functional cabins are separated inside the system and do not affect each other. Thus parts can be taken out and replaced individually.

Air intake and exhaust systems are designed using a low resistance dual-channel structure and a DC brushless inverter fan. Mute motors ensure the noise reduction and sound insulation.
The exhaust hood has a 90 degree spiral design. Indoor and outdoor air do not come into direct contact with each other. The diameter of the hood and the exhaust pipe are the same.

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