The air purifier intakes air from both sides smoothly so that it can filter the air in every corner of the room. The integrated pull-out filter is a 4-stage filter combining pre-filtration, cold catalyst filtration, coconut shell charcoal and diatom mud filtration, and HEPA filtration. It can remove hair, dandruff, coarse particles from the air in a room and larger particles floating in the air. It can also get rid of contaminants such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and total volatile organic compounds as well as smoke and mist particles as such PM2.5. The integrated pull-out filter can be easily replaced.

This product is controlled by a touchscreen, which tells current time, temperature, air quality and working status. It can also be controlled remotely by mobile phones over WiFi.

The 4 USB3.0 can be use to charge smart devices, the entertainment stand provided a place for different kinds of smart devices. Equipped with high-fidelity speakers on both sides, the product can be used as a Bluetooth speaker when connected to smart devices through Bluetooth. Therefore, the product is not just an air purifier rather a multi-purpose device with entertainment features.

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