Eterfan is a ceiling fan combining innovative design and technology which also contributes to energy savings. Moreover, it’s a sustainable fan throughout its whole life cycle: from the materials, through the production process, technological innovation to its end of life.

MINI ETERFAN is the reduced version of the ETERFAN model, a designer fan by Faro Design Team, conceived to meet the needs of different rooms. This ceiling fan is ideal for the ventilation of areas ranging from 13m2 to 17,6m2. It comes with a low-consumption DC motor, built in metal and transparent glass, with transparent PC blades. It offers 3 adjustable speeds with a 3,5-5,8-8,8-13,4-21,5-32,4W consumption and 51-77-103-129-155-185 revolutions per minute depending on speed. This ceiling fan with light comes with a reverse function, so you can also use it in winter, improving the efficiency of your heating system.

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