The design of T1 Car Air Purifier is inspired by tide of the forest series of HUSUM. Seen from the top, the whole purifier is like splashing ripple formed by a drop of clear spring which drips into the water.
T1 Car Air Purifier adopts solar charging which is greener and more eco-friendly. The whole built-in has triple purification effect.1.Anion purification. Anions can reduce air drifting effectively and react with harmful gases in the air to change them into oxygen and carbon dioxide. 2.HEPA filters of H12 grade has quadruple filtration that can filter out most of the dust, PM2.5, harmful gases like formaldehyde, methylbenzene effectively. 3. Honeycomb filter is replaceable, its unique carbon filter can decompose harmful gases like formaldehyde, methylbenzene instantly which is far better than the ordinary HEPA filter and activated carbon.
The air is heavily polluted and the formaldehyde of new car is also a major killer to each driver. T1 Car Air Purifier of HUSUM is created by this idea. This purifier is eco-friendly and has high purification efficiency which brings higher quality, healthier life for more people.

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