Thanks to their small dimensions, the KNX interior sensors Mini-Sewi KNX hardly stand out and thus perfectly integrate into the interior. Despite being just 19 mm high and about 51 mm in diameter, they offer a wide range of functions and are available in various types.
The basic model Mini-Sewi KNX T records the room temperature and calculates a room average if required. You can define several limit values and link states with AND and OR. Actuating variable comparators output minimum, maximum or average values. In addition, Mini-Sewi KNX T takes on the one or two-stage control of heating and cooling.
The models Mini-Sewi KNX TH and TH-Pr not only record the temperature but also the humidity and calculate the dew point. A PI controller controls the ventilation of the room. If the comfort field, which is the ideal range of temperature and humidity, is left, a message is sent to the KNX bus.
Mini-Sewi KNX TH-Pr additionally detects movement. At a mounting height of 2.50 m, the presence detector monitors an area of approx. 7.40 mx 5.60 m segment by segment.

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