The air purifier conception is obtained from modern massive pathogenic gas and other noxious dust in urban environment, especially PM2.5 and formaldehyde. Two major pollutants can produce incalculable harm to human body. It breaks through traditional model, and adopts double-turbine high-efficiency big air volume centrifuge technology and low wind resistance high filtration efficiency composite HEPA technology. Super-large particulate matter clean air volume of 840 m/h is realized. Innovative formaldehyde decomposition technique and superfine hole activated carbon adsorption technology are combined for decomposing formaldehyde into carbon dioxide molecules and water molecules. Formaldehyde purified air volume is up to 480m³/h. High precision PM2.5 laser sensor is adopted for real-time monitoring and display of PM2.5 value in environment. The light sensor can sense surrounding light strength automatically. Air speed and noise can be reduced to ensure that sleep can not be disturbed, and users can obtain more humane care. Mobile phone intelligent APP remote control can control air quality at home even when you are not at home. Users can enjoy high-quality air at home at any time.

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