Magic K7 breaks through the traditional models by adoption the double-turbo high-performance winds centrifuge technology, and low-wind resistance high-filtration-efficiency compound HEPA technology, achieving a capacity of treating 840 cubic meters of air with ultra-large particles per hour. The purifier also contains innovative formaldehyde decomposition technology in combination with ultra-microporous activated carbon adsorption technology, with which formaldehyde will be decomposed into carbon dioxide molecules and water molecules, achieving a processing rate of 480 cubic meters of air with formaldehyde per hour. With the high-precision motor mute technology, it runs with more stability; with the optimized duct structure, the wind is smooth and the sound is gentle. After the lights are turned off at night, the light sensor automatically senses the ambient light intensity, then it lowers down the wind speed and noise to ensure you have an undisturbed sleep, bringing more humanized care to users. With the APP on a smart phone for remote control, you can freely understand the home air quality even you are in other places, which opens a new era of omnipotent purification.

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