The Calpak Mark4 thermal solar system is a radically new design that aims to offer greater performance, durability, ergonomics and add aesthetic value to the urban, suburban or rural environment, recognizing the aesthetic impact solar systems have on the landscape.
The collector, based on 35 years of R&D, utilizes a novel boltless construction concept with a twin wall aluminium casing to offer greater insulation, strength, quality and durability at a more compact size.
The base utilizes the collector as part of the load bearing structure with many advantages. The number of parts and the time of installation are drastically reduced, so is visual complexity.
High quality anodized aluminium extrusions for both collector and base give superior longevity and aesthetics.
The Mark 4 claims to be the first thermosiphonic solar system with a form that has been designed and not just engineered. The simple geometric design originates from the function of the system and has evolved to symbolize the sun and it’s radiating rays.
The Mark 4 system includes also stand alone collectors for integration to central systems, both for flat as well as for inclined roofs [see additional images].

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