The main features of Yep floor standing air conditioning is: adopts no-waist one-piece shutter combine with injection diaphanous display technology, achieves the whole concealed LED display and full touch-sensitive buttons.With high sensitive and unique approach detecting function, fingers can induce highlights without touch the panel.Various modes switch freely,automatic closed air louver outlet,brief color matching makes whole unit simple and generous. Independent research and developed new resonance chamber combined with a unique patented communicating hole design and professional motor noise reduction technology achieve the ultimate silencer,new high efficient compressor pump combined with high efficient motor achieve strong momentum while the operating efficiency close to perfection. industry-leading 0.5W standby power consumption minimizes carbon emissions and more energy-efficient. adopts rapid upscaling technology, after turn on the air conditioning, within 20s the output capacity of the compressor can reach 100%, in 1min the cold air temperature can reaches 17c,the warm air temperature reaches 28%, the accurate temperature fluctuations within ±0.5c to avoid hot and cold.

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