This product can adjust the indoor air humidity and is with drying function. It has WiFi function and multiple using modes for selection, can adjust multiple fan speed and angles, for providing comfortable experience.Adopt removable panel instead of traditional fixed structure; with suspended type design, which can be installed with buckles, thus the lower panel can be drawn out from the bottom of panel easily without resorting to any tools, and the filter is also removable and washable. With innovative fast drying system, clothes can be dried fast and directionally. The unit can also conduct mildewproof treating.With auto supervision system that can detect the relative humidity automatically, and conduct dehumidification intelligently to adjust the indoor relative humidity.
Quiet system design. Through optimization of inner duct to lower the noise of air flow; double side concealed air inlet and outlet arrangement is designed according to V-shape air flow, which enables quieter operation of the unit.

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