LEXY DH35 dehumidifier has a fashionable appearance, simple and plumpish, manufactured with ABS injection molding and glazing coating technology to achieve a sense of metal delicacy, so that is can be well adapted into the modern home life and environment.
Clothing washed keeps wet for several days in the room in rainy days and in winter, which is easy to generate unpleasant odor, while bacteria is easy to breed in humid environment, as a result, it may increases the probability of illness and pain; likewise, food and medicines are susceptible to damp mildew. In these contexts, the new-generation Lexy super-strong dehumidifier realizes dryness instantly, a product tailored specifically for the health of the family!
DH35 dehumidifier adopts an anti-vibration floating technology that achieves an ultra-low noise level of 58dB (A), so the sound is very gentle. With the dual air purification technology, it can efficiently remove mold, smog and smell.
You can dry the clothing with one touch, making it dry and deodorant. The smart mode can meet all your needs.

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