New innovation brings unprecedented UE!
LEBAMBOO not only an air purifier but more like an ecological engineering group of equipments create a high quality nature air condition!
The air purifier body made by high quality bamboo compare to plastic the HQ bamboo body is tested strong and durable also It have advantage in national degradation and environmental protection from the production!
Decent luxury appearance in order to guide user enjoy the UE(user experience) without messy operation! The advanced WIFI Bluetooth communication module combine air condition sensor will automatically adjust air quantity!
The Perceptron will sense when You back to home then start LEBAMBOO according to User behave(indrawing and clear the flash air increase the oxygen percentage adjust air quality and temperature humidity)
All detailed information(pm2.5,voc,co2,etc)will record and display by customized android or IOS apps. User could upload the info and compare to others for reference!

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