The LB 88 air humidifier from Beurer stands out from the crowd with its distinctive,
functional design. With its clear lines and neutral versions in black or white,
it has a place in every home. The user interface has a clear layout and the dial makes it easy to use. Water evaporation can be activated as required by pressing a button. The blue illuminated ring lights up the operating display. Control LEDs for the water evaporation levels and the water level gauge also indicate the current settings. The simple yet clear design of the LB 88 air humidifier make it easy to use. It works with the dual technology function for ultrasonic nebulisation and water heating – all combined in one device. It boasts high humidifying performance with a maximum of 550 ml/hour. The LB 88 is suitable for rooms up to 48 m² in size and uses activated water heating to humidify the air hygienically, producing as few bacteria as possible. The humidifier makes very little noise and automatically switches itself off if there is no more water available in the water tank.

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