The Ka2O technology is based on a heat recovery system using the counter-flow principle. The enormous potential of Ka2O is best observable in summer. The exhaust side of the counter-flow heat exchanger is wetted with water by full-cone jets. The exhaust air is cooled down to the wet bulb temperature right in the heat exchanger. Thanks to the particular geometry and the arrangement of the fins, the supply air is cooled very close to the temperature of the exhaust air – regardless of the outside air temperature.

The advantages at a glance
1. indirect renewable cooling using water instead of polluting refrigerants
2. adiabatic cooling efficiency of 96 % thanks to indirect evaporation cooling
3. cooling close to the wet bulb temperature, regardless of the outside air temperature
4. no additional components or energy input necessary
5. highest variability thanks to modular engineering
6. convenient maintenance access by means of removable air ducts complying with VDI 6022 hygiene regulations
7. complies with ErP Guideline 2018
8. co-funded by the Eco-innovation Initiative of the European Union
9. for the use in air handling in the resident

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