iWhale aroma diffuser is a smart aromatherapy machine which comes with the abstracted white whale outer appearance. The design principle stems out from the action a whale leaping out to the sea levels for respiration from the bottom of the ocean. It is an integrated design in allowing users to fill up the water without the necessity to dissemble any parts of the hardware. iWhale with its smooth and delicate design allows users to carry it with comforts and convenience. Its diffusing time is maximised as to increase its durability for more than 10 hours. Its master USB-socket designs allowing users to plug it in with their original cables from the common mobile devices without the need to purchase any additional cables. In addition, the diffuser is not only for relaxation but also for enjoyment. For living quality is helping people to relax, iWhale can diffuse pure oil particles into nanometre sizes and can be sensed by users in an effective manner. To be extremely flawless, it is also an ideal way release moisturise the surrounding air without creating any condensation.

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