IQEGG intelligent air purifier offers an efficient, intelligent and user-friendly solution for eliminating indoor air pollution.
The surface area of HEPA filter in IQEGG is 3~5 times as large as the averages, and the 360° air vent of IQEGG helps remove air pollutants, such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde in a rapid way.
IQEGG can detect the ambient temperature, humidity, amount of PM2.5, carbon dioxide and TVOC in the air. It automatically adjusts the operation mode based on the evaluation. Besides, IQEGG obtains the outdoor air quality and compares it with the indoor air quality (IAQ) to give users the best suggestion of operation mode.
The best feature of IQEGG is an exclusively developed pre-filter self-cleaning technology, which can remind users of its status and free them from the trouble of cleaning.
Users can get IQEGG running by just one press. Using the application of IQEGG on mobile phones, users can monitor the machine status, review the IAQ report, the purifying report and the filter quality report, and control it everywhere.
As a real intelligent air purifier, the controlling firmware and software update regularly, for a better user experience.

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