The development of the new IDM iPump, a heat pump qualified for heating, cooling and hot water, represents the design of the entire future product portfolio. The devices’ aesthetics differentiate from its competitor ones but also highlight the core values of IDM. Terms like “consistent well-being”, “easiness”, “smart independence” and “conscious pleasure” characterize both the target group as well as the product design. This was mainly achieved by the gentle, vertical “IDM-wave”, bright and pleasant colours and the fully integrated, capacitive 7” display with its intuitive handling. The design of the outdoor unit follows especially the principles of modern architecture but also incorporates the typical “IDM-wave”. In order to minimize the noise level, the construction was adapted to the large, u-shaped evaporator. As a fact of the small quantities a main task of the design process was the tooling cost which had to be as low as possible. The IDM iPump is available both as a brine-/groundwaterversion as well as an air-split-version.

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