Originating from a simple dot, line and curve, comes Insprid ORIGIN series smart panel. One control panel to maintain your smart home system. As well as boasting exceptional functionality the ORIGIN system more than delivers on aesthetics. A crisp screen displays deep clarity, so you know the system status at a glance. The rugged aluminium framework is sleek and stylish while the trio of subtle hue finishes complement any interior. Both the bottom box and the buttons are crafted with ultra-durable aluminium alloy for a liquid smooth feel. Customers can choose from a triad of colours to reflect the intended mood of their space. It is finished with a flash of rare wood, the texture of the years. The panel is controlled using soft-touch buttons, a pleasure to use. The ORIGIN series complies with globally recognised KNX standards, so you know you will achieve optimum efficiency. Optional control functions include temperature display, user mode preferences, heating device, doors/windows, night mode, error/alarm warnings, refrigeration and fan status to manage air conditioning, exhausting and ventilation systems.

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