IAQ is a modern smart home device used for monitoring the environment PM2.5, temperature and humidity. With Honeywell app, it enables you to check the home air quality remotely.

This product keeps air in and out both at front side, different from the existing products, it requires higher standard technique and different mindset. The designed air holes are multiple functions, the customer won’t see the hidden holes and it not only detect the air quality also enhance the atmosphere of any occasion with emitting subtle light at the same time.

For the design detail, It is a great combination of materials, the contrast between metal and plastic parts makes the device fashionable and keeps its fine craftsmanship. Also IAQ multi- installation can solve the problem not only can hang on the wall, the user can put it on the table or anywhere they need.

The semi- transparent acrylic front panel makes IAQ look pure and clean, surrounding by a soft blue light indicates the good quality air, and when it turns into red means the air purifier needed.

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